Bungus Productions

Hi, my name's Alec and I make videogames. I would, of course, like to make more games, and grow this site into a place where people can reliably come for cool experiences they can just pick up and have fun with. Here on this site you can play all my current games if you can't access my itch.io page.

I'm currently working on Going on an Adventure Simulator, a 2d adventure game aiming to recreate the sense of discovery and danger of classic adventure titles and their modern indie counterparts. You can check out its trailer below, and expect a working demo version sometime before the heat death of the universe.

All kinds of feedback is greatly appreciated, and if you want to let me know what you think of my games or ask me (almost)anything, feel free to leave a comment on itch.io or reach me at games@bungusproductions.com.