WASD or Arrow keys to move

Click(or space) + drag to draw stuff

Survive as long as possible.

Using a mouse is highly recommended

This is my submission to the Bullet Hell Game Jam #1. The theme of the jam was "Time", so I decided to go with the simplest implementation possible and make a time based game where the goal is to survive as long as possible. Drawing lines to protect yourself added a lot more for the player to focus on, so I opted to trim down the bullet hell mechanics to their purest form by getting rid of the shooting aspect and spawning projectiles offscreen. There's no ending, just high scores and sweaty arrow keys. I would definitely be open to working more on this game in the future as I think there's a lot more I could do with it and having a larger version with several game modes available would be cool. The spacebar can also be used instead of clicking to make drawing lines easier for touchpad users.

Finished 1st place in Creativity with 4th place overall:)

Thanks to SkyanSam for hosting a great jam and Unity Coder for the helpful article on getting the drawing system up and running. Oh, and special thanks to you for, you know, playing the game. Feel free to let me know what you think of the game or just show off your high scores in the comments, they're probably better than I can do.

Font: Mostly Mono by Kevin Richey