Left click: Remove hay

Right click + drag: Rotate

F: focus camera

Made for Useless Simulation Jam 2019. This game is about as dumb as it sounds. A simulation of all the frustration and joy that comes with finding a needle inside a haystack. You have a limited amount of hay you can remove, so dig wisely! If a block flashes green when you try to remove it, that means the needle is hiding on it. Keep an eye out for shovels. I don't know who left their shovels in there but make use of them because they allow you to remove more hay before you lose.

Needles you've found are collected on the right side of the screen and times you've failed to find the needle are tallied on the left. You can click on a needle on the right to give it up for a few more chances to remove hay from your current haystack.

Thanks for playing and have a good time!

In-game font-m6x11, Daniel Linssen