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Move - Arrow Keys Jump - Z Dash - X Rewind - C

4 worlds, 12 randomly generated levels, lots of deaths and maybe a few spikes.

Pro tips:

-You stick to walls.

-Repeatedly pressing jump while sticking against a wall lets you climb it.

-Jumping on the ice stops kills your momentum and stops you from sliding. Don't ask why.

-Want to try out a level without spending coins? Just stand on its door, Jump up, and hold C while in the air. It's not cheating if the developer told you how to do it :)

-You can get on top of that UFO!

This was my big project from the first half of 2018 and I'd love to go back to it at some point and iron out all the bugs and stuff if I ever find the time. I'm really happy with a lot of the ideas i got into here, but it can also get quite infuriating to do well. I would eventually like to improve the controls, convey the rewind mechanic a little better, adjust the difficulty, and maybe even do some new art.