The No Clothes Crusader

One soldier's last crusade against public decency. This is a game I originally had the idea for back with Ludum Dare 45's theme "Start with nothing", which explains the whole no clothes thing. It's a straightforward high score game and my attempt to make something streamlined enough that no mechanic could be taken out of the game without compromising the whole experience. Hope you have fun with it!

Press space to jump, space again to attack, and down arrow to slide.

Pro tips:

  • Hold space to jump higher, hold it as you hit an enemy to bounce higher.

  • If you lose your helmet, grab it before you get hit again.

  • Those poor birds can give you some extra height.

  • Enemies can jump, don't be caught off guard!

  • Bouncing off more than one enemy before hitting the ground gives you more points.

  • Jumping right out of a slide can get you far.

  • You can skip the tutorial with enter

  • You can use a controller!